ZIFF 2021 workshops

Supporting women and youth filmmakers promoting exchanges with European and regional filmmakers

In partnership with the Film Festival “ELLES TOURNENT”

« ACTING FOR THE CAMERA » Masterclass for women filmmakers and actresses in 2 phases, preliminary online session and Masterclass during the ZIFF. The Masterclass Atelier during the ZIFF will continue and deep the initial online discussion.
The Online session will discuss about the place of women actresses and filmmakers, and exchanges about best practices in Europe, East Africa and Africa in general, encouraging women to also act behind the camera. Trainer/Facilitators: 1 or 2 Tanzanian women filmmakers (proposition du ZIFF; Marie Vermeiren, de ELLES TOURNENT (Bruxelles, Belgique); an African woman filmmaker from the Foundation LADIMA; a woman filmmaker from the project FEMALE GAZE (Bruxelles, Belgique); a European woman filmmaker of film d’animation.

Online training to youth / women filmmakers

Master Class with European/East African Filmmakers during ZIFF

« ACTING FOR THE CAMERA » Masterclass during ZIFF. The Masterclass Atelier during the ZIFF will continue and deep the initial online discussion. The face-to-face Masterclass will bring together as speakers (TBC): 2 or 3 women directors from Tanzania and East Africa (ZIFF proposal); Marie Vermeiren, from ELLES TOURNENT (Brussels, Belgium); a woman director from the African network Foundation LADIMA (TBC); Salomé Richard, actress and director of one of the films of the FEMALE GAZE project (Brussels, Belgium); representative of the EC – DG CONNECT – TBC. The masterclass includes a special session on short films “”focus on Belgian and European cinema”” proposed by ELLES TOURNENT with 2 to 3 short fiction/documentary films including one by Salomé RICHARD (Female Gaze Collection) and 3 to 4 short European animation films. During the ZIFF the Festival Elles TORUNENT will select a Tanzanian woman filmmaker to be invited for the 2022 edition of the festival in Brussels

Professional Documentary Film Production
Film Lab Zanzibar Workshop

The overall objective of Film Lab Zanzibar is to enable East African filmmakers to develop as talents and professionals, capable of producing high quality content, with impact on industry growth, cultural development and social change.
This Lab for Semi-Professionals from East Africa aims to function as an incubator cycle for creative idea development, innovative storytelling and directing, production design leading to production. East African trainees grouped into country-based incubation hives aim to strengthen teamwork, introduce competition and encouraging post-training team development in their respective countries. Two-member production teams from four countries of the region will be selected to receive complimentary workshops and rental credits to produce their selected short film in their home countries.
The lab will purposefully follow the progress of the incubated teams after the training. A staff member would become a future key resource person to the group in order to discuss operations, results and strategies. The trainers for this track will be experienced filmmakers or teachers from Africa or beyond, working together with the teaching staff at the lab.

Film Lab Zanzibar Workshop – DEVISING WORLDS

Hybrid Online and On set Training
The aim of the Workshop is to increase the knowledge of the trainees and local trainers for the Lab. The purpose is to understand the non-format world building method called Devising Worlds or World Building for purposes of learning how to create stories, character, worlds, conflict and history to a creative output. World devising is a method in which world building is combined with improvisational collaborative creativity.
Eight trainees with diverse creative backgrounds in film production and art skills (preferably team members) will be invited to attend a practice-based workshop where they work as an ensemble developing a universe, tableaux/scenes and developing formats across media and materials. They will work with three local trainers who have already been introduced to the method in order to build a mentorship framework to the training. The methodology of developing creative output in teams match well with Film Lab Zanzibar’s focus on team incubation.

Nafasi Facilitated Lab@ZIFF

Nafasi-facilitated workshop @ ZIFF on experimental or conceptual art films (aka video art) as a way to encourage people to think outside of the box and realize how much the medium of film can be used for self-expression, the exploration of new ideas, etc. This can open up new opportunities for filmmakers as visual artists as they can access new platforms such as galleries and museums that normally show “video art” at the same time they can apply the new skills and concepts they learn to more traditional films as a way to make them more interesting and creative.

ZIFF is expecting to get an experimental filmmaker from Germany (works with Werner Herzog as his music composer). He will be bringing his new creativity (a film on 9 panels partly shot in Zanzibar) he could be a great training partner. With such an environment we could have an opportunity to truly inspire some filmmakers! If we get one filmmaker wanting to experiment I would feel we have succeeded. The German director has asked for space to present his work at the Forodhani Bandstand and is now working to find finance in Germany. If we were able to link with him he might even be able to raise more funds for the workshop!


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