She Directs Workshop     
8th – 12th  July 2018

This workshop facilitated by Aylin Basaran, Cece Mlay and Debra Zimmerman will focus on all phases of directing a fictional or documentary film, from creating an idea to developing a creative concept and the practical workflows that enable them. It is tailored for women, considering their particular challenges, unique experiences, and potentials in the (East African and International) film industry. Considering that the reality of film making in East Africa is usually in the low-budget sector, the workshop will discuss ideal industry models for roles and responsibilities in filmmaking and adjust them to the particular local needs.

The workshop both gives input on directing skills and provides space for the participants to share their own experiences and give them the opportunity to network with each other, linking the creative process with the practical workflows required to make visions come to life. Through both the experiences of the instructors and participants, the workshop will provide and further develop applicable and inspiring strategies for female film makers operating in and from East Africa.

Acting Workshop with Jacky Ido and Bikiya Graham Douglas   
9th – 11th July 2018

The incredible and award winner Jacky Ido and Nigerian acting sensation Bikiya Graham-Douglas will facilitate this 3-Day Acting Workshop, highlighting the variety of skills that need to be mastered to achieve believable and emotive performances. This course has been designed to explore the fundamental skills required for film and television acting and is ideal for anyone who wishes to obtain practical insight to acting for screen.

It is targeted at participants with little experience as well as intermediate level actors who are looking to enhance and improve their skillset.Course delivery is through an interactive learning session deploying audio and visual techniques that will enable participants engage and exchange for their overall improvement. Tips on castings, auditions and rehearsals will be shared to assist participants develop themselves so that they can stand out and excel in a competitive industry.  These practical workshops are aimed at empowering aspiring actors from the region.

“Imagine East Africa on Screen”
3 – day Screenwriting Workshop at ZIFF

Dr. Mona Mwakalinga a facilitator, trainer and instructor in film from the University of Dar es Salaam and Ayeta Anne Wangusa, the Executive Director of Culture and Development East Africa (CDEA) whose vision is An East African Community Where Culture Is at the Centre of Development will facilitate this three-day Screenwriting workshop during ZIFF 2018.

The instruction will embrace various styles and methods of screenwriting with a focus on telling the story of East African regional integration. Prior to workshop, the participants will be given an assignment to read about the key regional integration issues. During the workshop, the participants will work through smaller teams to develop ready-to-produce 15min screen-plays on regional integration topics in East Africa.

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Develop a simple concept. Produce a successful web-series.
The Web Series Workshop will be facilitated by Vincenzo Cavallo and Tshoper Kabambi from 11th July 2018. The workshop will teach participants how to come up with a powerful concept idea that can be shot and edited without spending too much.

Participants will:

  • Learn from other successful series;
  • How to create webisodes;
  • Understand proper script length for each genre (5 – 15 pages);
  • Learn how to write for an inexpensive budget and raise money for your web series;
  • Learn particular aspects of specific genres (comedy, drama, thrillers, etc.);
  • Get tips about production and how to produce a webisode while writing one;
  • Live script readings as you develop;
  • Emerge with a web series package;
  • and, have a great time.


more workshops can be added in the future weeks