The 21st annual Zanzibar International Film Festival, in partnership with the inaugural DISCOP Zanzibar are excited to announce two new categories for 2018, Best TV Series and Best Web Series. With the increased focus on content for TV and digital, and the breaking down of barriers between content types, ZIFF has identified the need to support producers and directors who are working in these ever-growing mediums.

Brought together by the organizers of the Zanzibar International Film Festival of the DISCOP entertainment content market, the ZANZIBAR TV SERIES FESTIVAL will unfold its first edition from 11 to 13 July, 2018. The event aims to highlight series from all over the world and to give an international voice to this increasingly popular and fiercely creative new art form.

Open to the public, the ZANZIBAR TV SERIES FESTIVAL will celebrate excellence. Striving to create a stage on which the foremost creators in the world of TV series come together, where tomorrow’s talents are showcased and a prestigious international competition for a wide range of genres and for series of all shapes and forms is presented

During this year’s ZIFF, the category for Best African TV Series will be open to any African produced or co-produced and broadcast within the last two years. Three episodes would need to be submitted for consideration via the on-line application process as below. The Best African Web Series Award category will have the same eligibility requirements and will recognize excellence in the rapidly expanding area of digital content.

THE TV & WEB Series COMPETITION: Eligibility

  •  The Zanzibar International Film Festival is currently accepting applications from filmmakers from around the world according to different categories of competition.
  • The priority is given to films from Africa and by Africans including African Diaspora.
  • The category TV and Web will award series that mainly deals about Africa and that are involving African actors, scriptwriters, directors, and other African professionals. 
  • Series in competition must be directed or produced from 2015. Work in Progress can be submitted but at least three episodes must be finished by May 2018.
  • ZIFF also reserves the right to accept any series with a specific interest to the festival. We encourage filmmakers to submit works in any genre, comedy, horror, science fiction, travel documentary series, music documentary series etc… 
  • Deadline for submission is 8th May 2018.
  • NB: the platform FILMFREEWAY and FESTHOME are now close so please send your submission at