2018 –

Screenplay: Francis Nyerere
Producer: Francis Nyerere
Co-Producer: Michael Mallya
Director of Photography: Ally Mohamed
Editor: All Mohamed
Camera Operator: Osber Bitalla
Photographer: Frank Cosmas
Visual Effects: Ally Mohamed
Sound: Erick Mahundi
Storyline Advisors: Shola Amoo, Daniel Nyalusi. Edima Utuokon, Osse Sinare
Music Performed by Ladha Africa

Mariam, Hussein Msangi
Zainab Hashimu
Ababoor Makame
Zulfa Mtumwa
Naemy Sillayo
Michael Mallya
Mashauri Jeremiah
Osbert Bitalla
William Lilinga

A girl who wishes to become a doctor after school, she gets in trouble with a selfish and an uneducated father who wants her to get married. The girl refuses to be married and the father chases away her. The girl becomes a destitute and later the father regrets of his wrong doings.

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