2018 – 25′
South Africa

On 16 August 2012, the South African police opened fire on striking miners at the Marikana Platinum Mine, 34 miners were killed and 78 wounded. Mma Moeketsi’s only son was among the strikers – this is HER story.
Based on a true story, Mma Moeketsi is a domestic worker from rural Lesotho working for a suburban family in Johannesburg. Her son Moeketsi is an illegal miner at the Marikana Platinum Mine, North West of South Africa. In the wake of the wage increase strike from 15 August 2012, Moeketsi’s phone is off and he is nowhere to be found. Mma Moeketsi can do nothing but wait pensively for
her son to call her or at least pick up her phone calls. One part of her life is at a standstill while her physical presence must still operate as the housekeeper of her suburban employers, in an empty, lonely silence.

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