Nikita Tamarov – Writer
Irina Chesnokova – Writer
Sergey Levitan – Writer
Artem Solovyov – Writer
Artem Tsaregorodtsev – Writer
Ekaterina Sutormina  – Producer
Andrey Dementyev – Producer
Irina Chesnokova – Producer
Nikita Tamarov – Producer
Artem Tsaregorodtsev – Producer
Viktor Verzhbitskiy
Alena Konstantinova
Sergey Mezentsev

3 series of a short-series-project:
1. A story about an actor who, after a years long break, gets to perform again-to find out that his director is a blinking eye of a webcam, an Aartificial Intelligence.
2. A top-tier neurosurgeon, Doctor of Science, is trying to adapt to the new world where Views replaced money
3. The investigation of the world’s first crime committed by clones

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