They say she is no more. We say she lives on like Bob Marley has.
A true daughter of the land of Africa she stood by the principles of justice for her peoples.

Winnie Mandela, who was married to Nelson Mandela for 38 years, played a high-profile role in the struggle to end white-minority rule in Aparthied South Africa. Her place in history was stained by controversy and accusations of violence but the fact remains that had it not been for her keeping the struggle alive for 27 years while the leaders were in jail, we can imagine the course history would have taken for the ‘flag’ independence of South Africa.

We feel  profound sadness  and  admiration for this  global  icon of the  national liberation movement  who suffered the brunt of the cruelty of aparthied when the leaders were in jail. Her painful story where she says “ what kind of pain haven’t I endured?” Is the price she paid alone.


This excerpt from “491 Days” speaks volumes:
‘unveil the curtain to see the real power behind the unfinished liberation not only of South Africa  but the continent in general. ‘

Winnie symbolizes the struggles which women and men over the continent have gone through in the unfinished agenda of liberation of this continent.

We mourn our icon but your unconditional love for  the people of the continent shines bright in our memories. In our quest to continue the liberation of the continent   your call with a quenched fist rings out  A..M..A..N..D..L..A………..

May your spirit continue to nurture this continent   and warm our hearts as we let you rest in peace. AMEN





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