More than 300 local women and men, girls and boys are expected to participate in the race ZANZI HALF scheduled February 4th, 2018 in Stone Town

ZANZI HALF is an international standard sporting and cultural event featuring a half marathon 10 km and 5 km to be staged for the first time in the East African archipelago of Zanzibar highlighting women´s empowerment and gender equality.

The race is a response to the 2030 agenda for sustainable development with a call out for action in the world, and is organized by the local interfaith women´s program Upendo Means Love and the Danish NGO and running community Right to Movement in collaboration with ZIFF, Zanzibar International Film Festival (ZIFF) and Zanzibar Amateur Athletic Association (ZAAA).

Women and girls are at the very heart of the agenda in an acknowledgement that their participation is crucial as a pre-condition for the achievement of sustainable development, says one of the organizer, Ms Lotte Bredholt. The race will bring together women and men from the grass root level united in a movement that will translate into further action, transforming gender norms by challenging existing traditional roles, taboo and break down stereotypes showing women and girls as active agents of change and peace. However, sustainability and equality is only achievable if women and men work together.

“Running is empowering” continues Lotte Bredholt, “when women and girls realize their potential and strength on the track and on the streets, there is a spillover effect to other areas of life”. Running is a tool as well for inter-community dialogue continues Lotte Bredholt.  Besides the race event, ZANZI HALF encourages local society, rural and urban, to take up running and to be part of a running community. In the meeting between people, sharing experience and passion for a common activity, socio cultural, religious and gender barriers diminish. “It´s a commitment to enhance diversity and inclusion, and is part of the global agenda for sustainable development”.

Fumba Town Development, a project by CPS (FTD), is sponsoring the event as part of their support for socio-economic development in Zanzibar. Fumba Town Development combines state-of-the-art residential properties, based on a modern and sustainable infrastructure, with commercial, educational and recreational areas to create a new, modern lifestyle in Zanzibar.

As part of our community development initiatives, we are proud to have teamed up with Zanzihalf for their initial half-marathon on February 4th. We are very excited about the upcoming event and are already training as Fumba Town Team to take part in the race. With regular participants of about 30 runners from our company and the villagers around, we already make an impact towards bringing the communities together.

The Zanzibar Amateur Athletic Association welcomes a race which brings awareness to the role of sport empowering women, however as Mlingi Bwire points out, a proper half marathon also should have cash prices to attract the elite runners. Though not big, the tree first runners from the two distances 10k and half marathon will be rewarded with a price. All participants will receive a medal

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