We have received the news of the passing of our brother Akpor Otebele, Festival Director of the Arusha African Film Festival with sadness and shock.
Akpor will be remembered with fondness in every heart of an East African filmmakers as that committed brother, who with a smile and a chuckle, made us aware of what was great about this part of the continent- a sense of togetherness that is not easy to find elsewhere.
He showed us that being East African must be cherished; he etched it in our minds that our struggle is similar and therefore one; he cautioned us against that myopic thinking that never saw Africa as the world that it is but only a geographical entity baptised by some. For making us constantly aware that Africa is united by more than geography and that the pride of being African must always shine in every eye, must sing in every throat, must shake every limb and bring happiness – always, always.
It is Akpor who brought all of us together in Arusha in 2014, and moved us to all other parts of the world by making AAFF a global touring festival, that we shall always walk with as we journey towards where he has gone ahead of us.
Ulale Pema Ndugu yetu Akpor Otebele
Leone Ngabo
Chairman- EAFN
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